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Online survey on treating allergic rhinitis: Patients mostly want to improve their quality of life
Tuesday, 26. April 2011

The potential for improving the quality of life is the most important property of any hay fever medication for those affected. So said the results of an international survey carried out on the Internet platform The aim of the survey was to find out which properties of hay fever treatment patients see as most beneficial to themselves in their daily lives. Increasing the quality of life and fast relief were the properties that received not only the highest average values but also the highest values overall. The pressure felt by patients suffering from hay fever (allergic rhinitis) is very high. Those affected by it experience severe limitations to their activities in all areas of their lives. The desire for a fast-acting and easy-to-use therapy is thus easy to understand and also in keeping with the notions of the international association ARIA*. According to their guidelines, a hay fever therapy should not only aim at reducing symptoms but also offer sufferers, among other things, an ability to pursue their daily commitments and take part in leisure-time activities without any limitations. Such an improvement in the quality of life is possible by employing a custom-tailored therapy with Azelastine nasal spray and eye drops. This antihistamine from the family of new histamines, H1 receptor blockers, acts local, at sites just where it is needed. It starts to work against all symptoms1 in just 10 to 15 minutes4. Azelastine has the advantage that it can be used when symptoms appear10 as well as a preventive.

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