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Hay Fever Medication - It's all about Application
Monday, 01. May 2006

The way a medication is taken has a critical influence on its efficacy. A current study from a Vienna group of researchers with hay fever patients shows this dramatically. In this study an antihistamin was given in form of a nasal spray. The active ingredient was Azelastine and the study was in comparison to the effects of an antihistamin delivered orally as a tablet. In the latter case, the active ingredient was Desloratadine. A control group was used with a placebo, a pseudo-medication without any active ingredients. The nasal spray was superior to both the tablets and the placebo in several ways.

Year after year - hay fever dampens the joys of spring
Sunday, 01. January 2006

At last the cold months are gone, the days are getting longer once again, the air is becoming milder, and people are full of joy as nature awakes. Unfortunately, the pleasure of experiencing the first buds and blossoms is not unbridled in everyone: approximately 30 million people in Europe suffer from hay fever. Depending on the temperatures and the type of pollen, for some people their days of suffering begin as early as the end of February or the beginning of March. In those who are affected, the mucous membranes in the upper respiratory tracts react allergically to blossom or grass pollens. The results are sneezing, itching and watery eyes and not uncommonly an asthmatic cough. The patients find themselves under a great deal of psychological strain, and their quality of life and ability to perform are severely restricted.