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The active ingredient Azelastine belongs to the group of antihistamines known as modern H1-blockers. Azelastine has the advantage of topical treatment with fast relief of allergy symptoms, with the duration of the effect for hours and anti-inflammatory effects treating the disease from its origin. Antihistamines inhibit the distribution of messenger substances - histamines, prostaglandins and leukotrienes, which play the key role in the inflammatory process of allergy. Azelastine also reduces secretion of immunoglobulin E, which is increased in allergy sufferers. It also suppresses mucous secretion, itching and the swelling of the nasal mucosa. Thus Azelastine belongs to a new generation of antihistamines and hence offers more benefits than older drugs of this type, which also tended to cause drowsiness. Azelastine is proven to be an effective choice for allergy sufferers.

Azelastine is a product created by MEDA, a specialist in pharmaceuticals. The company includes the development of therapeutic concepts for respiratory disorders (such as asthma and COPD) and for allergies in its portfolio.

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